“Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results”

Albert Einstein
I work with male and female clients all over the world via Zoom or face to face if you’re local to Hastings, England.
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There’s lots of ways

we can work together

Transformational Coaching Programme

 You’re ready to elevate the way you think and feel about yourself.

You want to see and feel hugely positive lifelong change.

The type of change that elevates your whole life, from work/business to relationships and self care. 

You will finish this programme with a whole new mindset and equiped with the tools to elevate your everyday life!



Focus & Flourish Session


You’re not feeling in alignment, stuck with no clear focus on where you’re headed. 

This is a powerful 90 minute session where you will gain clarity on what you want. 

You will leave the session with an injection of motivation and a clear set of actions to get you on your way to feeling inspired, motivated and fulfilled!




Accountability Partnership

Have you got a specific goal you want to achieve?
You can increase your chance of success by 95% when you have someone keeping you on track!

'Pick Me Up' Session

For previous clients that need a ‘pick me up session’ to help them get back on top of things. Perhaps something new has come up for them and they need help navigating the change.

Virtual and Face to Face Courses / Workshops ~ coming soon

Please sign up to the mailing list so you can be one of the first to know about these mind shifting sessions. Limited spaces available. Great value for money!

Schools / Colleges Talks and Workshops

I deliver talks and workshops in schools. Session topics include ‘You Choose’, ‘Stop Stressing’ and ‘Taking Back Control’

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Unbreakable Mindset Methodology

Transformational Coaching Programme

12 sessions over 4-6 months with access to me between sessions*


This is a truly transformational programme which is broken down into three stages.

Step 1

Let’s understand

We begin with identifying your limiting beliefs and where they come from. We do lots of groundwork to get a strong understanding of where you are and how you got here. This will support you in being more compassionate with yourself and improving your self awareness. There’s going to be some ‘aha moments!’

Step 2

Let’s get to work

We start to weed out those unhelpful thoughts you have been telling yourself. Many of which you won’t be consciously aware of before starting this programme.

Step 3

Action / Future Planning

Let’s act! This rarely means big change; it’s most often the 1% changes done consistently over time that will help you achieve what you want.

The action you take will have a life long lasting effect on rewiring those mental beliefs that have been holding you back.

Who is it for?

This programme is for people wanting change but don’t know where to start, feel stuck and have trouble getting out of their head. If you’re feeling stagnant and you know you are destined for more. This programme will change your life.

*You can contact me via voice note or email and I will respond within 24 hours. This agreement lasts for the duration of the coaching programme.

Did you know?!

  1. 97% of our worries are baseless and result from an unfounded pessimistic perception
  2. The baseless worries are a major source of stress, tension and cause of exhaustion, not only for the mind but also for the physical body

Which is why weeding out those bully thoughts is fundamental to achieving a more positive mindset and outlook on life.

Focus & Flourish Session

90 minutes of pure focus and clarity on your dreams and ambitions


Who is it for?

 If you’re currently feeling unfulfilled, stuck and unsure of where you want your future to go….this is a fantastic opportunity to work with your very own coach at a very affordable price!

You’ll spend 90 minutes getting crystal clear on your future goals

Imagine going from ‘stuck’ to ‘this is what I’m doing’!!

  • ‘This is an extremely powerful session where you will get the opportunity to rediscover your ambitions!


How can i help you?

  • Create alignment in your values and your future
  • Open your mind to what is possible for you
  • 90 minutes to focus purely on your future  
  • Gain clarity and focus on your next steps 


Bonus: If you decide to sign up to the Transformational Coaching Programme within 2 weeks of your session, the total cost of your focus and flourish session (£188) will be deducted from the cost of your coaching programme

Accountabilty Partnership

When goals meet results!

1 Year £1111

6 months £733

Who is it for?

This programme is for people that want results! 

If you’re tired of setting yourself goals and keep finding yourself no closer to achieving them; or know you could be getting there much quicker, a strong accountability partnership is a game changer! 


Keep you focussed

Prevent you from feeling overwhelmed

Keep you motivated and feeling supported

Help you to break down your goals in to small, actionable and achievable steps

Support overcoming setbacks and challenges

How will it work?

You can sign up to a 6 or 12 month supportive and reliable accountability partnership with Kiera.
We’ll track progress and keep your goals achievable and progressive. 
You will have a monthly check in with Kiera (in person or online) and will also receive support between monthly sessions (up to two email exchanges each month). 
Business accountability programmes also available so that your whole team can benefit from the proven benefits of a successful accountability partnership. Please enquire direct if you would like to explore this for your team. 

‘Pick me up’ Session

60 minute Session


Who is it for?

These sessions are reserved for previous clients only.

What will it do?

For previous clients that need a ‘pick me up session’ to help them get back on top of things. Perhaps something new has come up for them and they need help navigating the change. I will send a form to be returned prior to the session so I have deep understanding of what’s going on. This will ensure the client gets what they need from the session.

Schools / Colleges Talks and Workshops

I deliver talks and workshops in schools.

Please contact me to discuss what you are looking for and how I can help.

Examples of workshops and talks include:

You Choose

A session to empower and promote self-belief and confidence. This session is aimed at young people that have had a tough start in life and as a result struggle with feeling not good enough.

Stop Stressing

This session is designed to help young people feel more at ease during stressful times such as preparing for exams.

Taking back control

This session is all about getting young people to realise they are the creator of their destiny. This session is very much designed to ignite action and personal responsibility in a gentle inspiring way.
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Free 60 minute consultation

It’s super important to find the right coach for you so why not book a free 60 minute consultation so we can have a chat and decide if we’re the right fit for each other.